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Forward from Bob Tabor's Dreamscapes

"I know each one of you at some point in your life has sat bedazzled, mystified and in complete awe of the power and divine beauty of the ocean. We are instinctively drawn to the edge of the ocean. There is an answer to the questions of our souls within the vastness of its presence. The ocean is a moving, living breathing work of art, changing in every moment. We are drawn to her relentless rhythms, gravities and tides. Saltwater oceans make up 71% of the Earth's surface. The ocean is the supreme symbol of the collective unconscious. She knowingly or unknowingly mirrors the depths of our own consciousness and serves as a key to understanding the meaning behind our terrestrial life here on earth. Many sacred rituals revolve around the purifying and restorative blessings within water: baptisms, mikvahs, baths, anointing, tears, holy water, etc. No matter who we are, or what our life circumstance, we all deal with the existential question...Why am I here? What is my purpose? Where did I come from? What happens when I die? The search for answers to these questions creates the fabric of our lives. We seek unity with all things and beings from our first breath to our last. Such is the nature of the spirit embodied. The profound images of the ocean, the dreamscapes captured by Bob Tabor alchemically changed me in a moment. The subtle and bold evocative images capture time, light, love and sublime divinity. They are a gift of perception and perspective channeled delightfully through Bob for the evolution of our consciousness, sacred healing and profound guidance. Bob's intention was that the images would have the intensity and power to create a sanctuary and refuge for the reader. As you view the images with a contemplative heart, they will transform you, heal you, and you will begin to see a reflection of your own life in the photographs. Just as shimmering moonlight or sunlight on water can cause deep poetic stirring and longing, it can also usher in a sense of grace and well-being into our stressed out lives. Life will inevitably weigh upon us and we often forget to seek our evolution, growth and solace within the astonishing beauty of nature. We have forgotten that the ocean is the art of the gods. The images will have a tangible effect on your physical, emotional and spiritual health. We must begin to reclaim our truest nature and revisit our center of power; not forgetting the sacred spirituality within the earth that belongs to each and everyone of us. There is no way one can look at these images and not be moved to a higher state of being. Even if you have been lost, you will find yourself within the images of this book. Take your time, allow yourself to be transported to a place of serenity, peace and hope." Dreamscapes Bob Tabor Forward by Maureen Dodd

To learn more about Bob Tabor, click here.

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