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Maureen Dodd

Spiritual Mentor
Creative Mentor

What is the role of a Spiritual Mentor?

A Spiritual Mentor is a trusted person who guides another in the process of gaining knowledge, understanding and a deeper recognition of their own true nature.  Maureen mentors clients through inevitable life transitions and guides them in personal transformation.  

What is the role of a Creative Mentor?

A creative mentor inspires the exploration and reclamation of the creative imagination. This unblocks the hidden potentiality of the inner child, allowing a person's innate artistic nature to flow unencumbered in everyday life.  



Clinical Practice

Maureen practices in Connecticut at

7 Towpath Lane 

Suite 3

Avon, CT 06011 

and in New York City at
Tournesol Wellness

26 E. 36th Street

NY, NY 10016 

and at various private healthcare and wellness practices throughout Connecticut.


Maureen has founded three independent Wellness and Yoga Centers in Connecticut and New York. She currently practices at The Schoolhouse in Northwest Connecticut and at Tournesol Wellness in New York City. She previously served as Director of Spiritual Wellness and Energy Therapies at the Ash Center for Comprehensive Medicine in New York City. She is highly respected and sought for her progressive and transformative Creative and Spiritual Mentoring Practice. She lectures, teaches and leads individual and small group retreats in the US and internationally. 

Her background consists of extensive training in Alternative Health, Wellbeing, Anatomy and Physiology, Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga, Meditation, Therapeutic Art and Quantum Energy Healing.  Much of Maureen's spiritual mentoring and healing practice is based on ancient esoteric principles of sacred spirituality, evolution of consciousness and divine beauty.

Maureen developed an expertise in Health, Wellness and Preventive Energy Medicine programming for corporations, private schools, wellness and yoga centers and healthcare institutions.  Her current focus is personal transformation through Spiritual Mentoring, Creative Mentoring and Energy Medicine, which includes one-on-one sessions, couples, groups, and retreats.  Maureen holds a B.S. in Political Science and Religion, and an M.S. in Healthcare Administration.


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7 Towpath Lane 

Suite 3

Avon, CT 06011 

Tel: 860.726.3449

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Love Fiercely.

Because this all ends.


I’ve been going to Maureen for a year now, but I still remember that first session vividly. The intensity of that peacefulness and that everything-is-going-to-be-okay understanding opened a door to a world I had always known existed, but wasn’t quite sure how to access. Maureen has equipped me with tools I use on a daily basis to stay connected to that world. She has helped me understand where my thought patterns come from and how to change them when they need to be changed. She has helped me be a better employee, friend, girlfriend, and daughter. [Click to read full article]


With healing hands and comforting words, Maureen invokes a sense of calm, love and light throughout.  'Lightness of being' is the phrase that comes to mind when I consider Maureen's work.  This sensation inspires not only a sense of wellbeing but also hopein what is and what is yet to come.  Additionally, each session is couched in a luxurious, intuitive, multi-sensorial ambience of music, oils, crystals - plus much more - to soothe the modern mind, body and soul.  I will continue to experience her work personally and recommend it professionally!


For so much of my life as a doctor. wife, mother and friend I have strived to truly be a healer. But when I needed healing, there was never an easy answer - until I was blessed to find Maureen. After my mom's death and years of searching for answers, Maureen finally gave me the strength not only to believe in myself, but to change my view of the world and our purpose in it. She posses infinite wisdom, grace, abundant love and knows exactly what her clients need to be. I always joke that three hours with her is more inspirational than three months of therapy. Working with her as my spiritual mentor has made me a better person, not just for myself but for everyone in my life. 


Maureen is an exceptional talent in the mentoring arena. I would highly recommend her work  to anyone seeking more information about their own process and those interested in dissolving fear in their lives. 


Maureen is a caring, intuitive and gifted spiritual mentor. Her natural presence is calming and reassuring while her words spark inspiration and action. Maureen has been an integral source in my personal and professional growth, helping me shift perspectives towards a clarity in purpose, self expression and a courage to remove the shield and see the lightness.